Hi, I am Dali!

When I started working as a children's entertainer (www.dali-ballooni.co.uk) I struggled to find shoes & costumes that would match my character in terms of appearance and quality.


Being a professional artist doll-maker as well (www.ingoodmoods.com) I gradually started making my own costumes and elf shoes that would satisfy my requirements.


Over the years, I have had a lot of queries from other entertainers asking me where they could get such shoes and costumes from. The demand gave me an idea to start a new venture offering hand-made costumes and shoes (and even hats) for professional entertainers who take their appearance seriously.

All costumes and shoes I make are custom made using  only the best fabrics and accessories.


IMPORTANT: Please note that our Elf shoes are not designed for excessive use such as prolonged walking or running


Uppers of our Elf shoes are made of variety of fabrics therefore the shoes are not suitable for damp and wet conditions.

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